Industrial Automation

Automate and control your industrial processes achieving superior performance with the use of our custom softwares and our advanced technology solutions.
We can help you improve your product quality, reduce the routine checks, raise the safety levels, optimize the operational costs, increase productivity etc. by offering the following services:

  • ● Development of electrical panels and automation boards.
  • ● Programming of electronic boards and controllers (plc, servo drivers, etc.).
  • ● Development of tailored SCADA and telemetry systems that dominate the competition.
  • ● Design, development and programming of robotic systems.

Industrial IoT

Scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant industrial IoT services is what we do!

Among others we are specialized in advanced data collection and flexible data visualization for real-time and historical monitoring, remote controlling and data analysis.

Engineering Services

We provide true end-to-end electro-mechanical services. By encompassing the entire content workflow, from acquisition and capture to delivery and support, we have simplified our processes, decreasing the operational costs and reducing failure potentials.
In-house design of each solution's mechanical parts using CAD/CAM, design and development of the electrical and electronic parts and tailored software development put us as a serious competitor in the market.

More specifically, some of our services are:

  • ● Design and development of products consisting of mechanical and electronic systems.
  • ● Design and development of CNC machines such as CNC routers, CNC lasers, CNC plasma and 3d printers.
  • ● Electromechanical studies.

Technology the smart way!

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