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Quality control automation solution

Automation solution for the QA processes of a marble processing & cutting unit in Argolida, Greece.

The solution includes software and hardware development seamlessly integrated to automatically capture QA photos.
Among others, the solution supports a dynamic number of plug-and-play cameras with the necessary configuration options for each one of them.

Time tracking & charging solution

Study & development of a time tracking & charging system for the use of deep well driling facilities in Lakonia, Greece.

Implementation using PLC and HMI.
Key achievements include: a) Ergonomic interface based on touchscreen b) Administrator mode c) User and group roles d) Application preferences according to the logged-in user.

DC break unit solution

Study & analysis of a DC brake unit installation for a 90 KW marble stone cutting machine motor.

Due to the essential need of minimization of the braking time and maximization of the operational safety of the machine nestO delivered an accurate and high quality solution.

Greenhouse automation infrastructure upgrade

Study for the upgrade of a greenhouse automation infrastructure in Nafplio, Greece.

Key achievements include: a) SMS and email alert functionality with complex, intelligent logic taking into consideration 30+ different channels and signals, b) New, more sophisticated remote control functionalities, c) Modular design implementation and adaptation of previous hardware in order to keep the solution cost as low as possible.

Louis vehicle telemetry solution

SaaS IoT telemetry platform for Louis fuel cell powered vehicle of the TUCER team of the Technical University of Crete. Vehicle's position, data from several sensors installed on and fuel cell's metrics are accessible in real time with the use of a web browser.

We are proud to announce that this project contributed much to the team's winning of the safety award on Shell Eco Marathon 2017.

Version control system migration

Version control system migration for a mobile apps startup.

Migration of 50+ different RCS and CVS repositories to Apache Subversion.
Installation of the new software and full version and source code migration with freezing/cut-over window of 30 minutes.

Hardware infrastructure upgrade

Study for the upgrade of the infrastructure that supports the software applications of a large accounting firm in Athens, Greece.

Key achievements include: a) Hardware sizing, b) OS configuration, c) Application porting, d) SQL Server data migration, e) VPN study, f) Automated process for data backup to the cloud.

SCM process design & establishment

Design & implementation of the software configuration management (SCM) process for a software house company in Athens, Greece.

By setting simple baselines, establishing proper packaging/deployment strategies, recording/reporting flows as well as environment management we managed to optimize team interactions, simplify defects traceability and ensure adherence to the development process.

CNC machine design & construction

Study & development of a CNC router machine especially designed for wooden constructions.

nestO was the one and only owner of the project, undertaking the electrical and mechanical parts design, the electric panel design and construction, and the solution integration, delivering the turnkey product.

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